Friday, February 25, 2011

Currently Wearing: 3Sixteen SL-100

These jeans are the current pair of denim that I am working on. I got them in August of last year from SelfEdge. Initially I thought they were bit a long but I've triple cuffed them and I really like the way they look now. The fades are really coming in nicely. This is the best denim that I have owned and I can definitely tell that in the fading. The fades have more of a blue tint to them than my previous pairs.I plan on going a whole year without washing them but that could change subject to odor problems. I've also already given them one soak to get the denim to shrink up a little bit.
These jeans have been to New York with me twice. In fact, I wore them on a road trip with my best friend Stephen and my lovely girlfriend Meredith from Charleston to Rye, New York. Other than New York they haven't really been anywhere besides Charleston and Columbia. However, they are about to go to Italy with me in 9 days. I will be stomping around in these all over Rome and maybe Tuscany, Florence and Venice. We shall see.So, now the journey finally begins where I will keep up with what I have done in my denim. Stay tuned.

Before the adventures start I thought it'd be cool to show what will be in my pockets all the time.Here is everything that will be on me: Iphone4,Billykirk Tri-fold wallet, flannel handkerchief,a scrimshaw, and a note from someone that is very dear to me.

So, it begins.......

Archives: Levi's 501 Shrink-To-Fit

I got these Levi's for Christmas in 2009. Whenever you buy Shrink-To-Fits you can either buy them one to two sizes to big and then soak them and they will shrink to your size or you can buy them true to size and never wash them. With this pair I chose the never wash route although I did get them taken in a little. I gave these a good 3 month run I'd say. Hence, why they're not that faded. They were quickly banished to my closet once I got my pair of 3sixteens. However, they are good jeans and I had some fun in them in that the snowstorm of February 2010. Other than that not much really happened in them.